Seahawks vs Bears

Seahawks vs Bears Live: The Chicago Bears hosted the Seattle Seahawks at 8:20 p.m. on Monday night at a soccer game on Monday night. ET will end the second week of the NFL. All teams started this season with a small loss. The latest odds of Bears vs. Seahawks make the Midway Monsters the 3.5 most popular points, rising from the opening number to 1 point and a total score of more than 43 points.

Before making any election Seahawks vs. Bears, you’ll want to know what SportsLine expert Mike Tierney said. Your NFL team is in progress.

Tilney is a national sports journalist who has reported seven Super Bowls. He has an extreme gift and can choose the NFL for ultra low prices. Tilney has now broken more than two years of books in these drafts, a staggering 56-30 since the start of the 2016 season. Those who follow his draft picks have seen great returns.

In the first week, he chose where he left last season, leading the SportsLine member 4-0 in the NFL game, and has a total of 7-1 in the last eight draws of the NFL. On Thursday night he chose a 45 under par in the first game of the Falcons-Eagle (this game only scored 30 points) and also played in Steelers-Browns and Under in Rams-Raiders.

Now, Tilney has analyzed all the soccer matches of Monday night, each trend and each angle, and blocked his powerful overtaking team. You only share it on SportsLine.

Tierney knew that the Bears saw the Packers as their target before Aaron Rodgers got injured and led Green Bay to win 24-23 at Lambeau Field. The Seahawks lost the game in Denver with a score of 27-24, which made Buffalo famous. Tilney knows there are reasons to support him. The first is the defense of the Bears, blocking the Packers in the first half.

Khalil Mack also advertised when he made his debut. The edge impactor took off and the ball was stolen from the QS DeShone Kizer, then the Kizer was selected and it was run to the end zone for TD. At the same time, the Seahawks struggled to contain the Mustang QB Case Keenum, who ran 329 yards and three touchdowns. That is, they intercepted Keenum three times, including one from security team Earl Thomas and Bradley McDougald, the only security duo that INT recorded in the first week.

But the fact that the Bears’ defense against the Packers and Seahawks in the first half did not break the strong defensive defense did not mean that their odds on Monday were destined to remain below the posted total.

The Seattle offense produced only 306 yards, but Russell Wilson almost led the Seahawks to win, 298 passing yards and three touchdowns. Six 56-yard bouts hurt the total. He holds second-year quarterback Mitchell Trubisky played conservatively, throwing 171 yards, without TD, and without INT for his new team. Less than a week may allow the offense to be opened.

Although the first half of Chicago dominated the Rambo game, Rogers was destroyed by the Rockets after 273 yards. If Wilson and the Seahawks find something to use in that game and can avoid mistakes, then Seattle can certainly accumulate points.

If each team scores as much as in the first week, the score exceeds the points.

Tilney has evaluated all of these situations and knows that a large x factor ultimately determines whether the Seahawks exceed or exceed. He is sharing it on SportsLine.

So, which side of the Seahawks should I return to on Monday? What factor x goes up and down the game? Now visit SportsLine and get the great selections of Mike Tierney, all from famous sports journalists who have a 56-30 run in the NFL total.

The Seattle Seahawks will play their best role when the primetime lights shine. Since the beginning of the Pitt Carroll era in 2010, the Seahawks have beaten their opponents with a surprising 21-4-1 primetime.

The Seahawks also played well in the soccer game on Monday night. Seattle not only won 11 games in the last 12 games on Monday night, it also won the highest winning percentage in iconic broadcasts.

Chicago has also become the home of the Seahawks. Not only did they lead the Carroll soldiers 3-0, but the Seahawks were the only non-participant opponent to beat the Bears in Chicago for three consecutive seasons (2010-2012).

The Bears’ defense has a special temperament, but they are also vulnerable to an explosive blow. Last week, they only gave up three touchdown passes to the injured Aaron Rogers in the fourth quarter.

It will be a tough fight, but Seattle’s primetime experience will help them gain an advantage. This country saw last week how difficult it was for the Bears to win the television broadcast