Jaguars vs Patriots

Jaguars vs Patriots: Not long ago, the amazing Jacksonville Jaguar led the defending champion of New England Patriots with a double-digit advantage in the AFC championship.

Blake Bortles and the company seem to be going to the Super Bowl, and the Patriots did what they did. They returned to the game, surpassing their opponents and using every mistake made by other teams.

One mistake made by Jags was that at the end of the attack there was not enough grudge, and another mistake made Brady sit in his pocket relatively uncomfortable and chose a spectacle that could serve. In the end, he scored enough games to win the game, and Paz represented the AFC in the Super Bowl.

Eight months later, New England again became the favorite of February. Jaguars are also in this hybrid, mainly for the same reason, they ended there last year: their defense is so good. Compared with last year, the number of Borles recipients invested this year has decreased. Although the offensive line has improved, it does not really expect Jags to play above the average. Instead, it’s all about controlling the ball, polishing the clock and punishing the enemy’s crime.

This is a typical strategy against the Patriots machine, which shows that it can surpass even the best defensive abilities, so New England will be well prepared to cope with anything Jaguar throws in the quarter finals (4:25 pm, CBS) This is one of the great games of the Sunday game of the second week, and it should be interesting to see how she is shocking.

When a jaguar has a ball
The first thing to do is: We do not know if the jaguar is back Leonard Furnett for this game. In the first game of defeating Jaguar Giants in the first week, Fournette suffered a hamstring injury and has only limited practice so far this week. He called himself the decision of the game on Thursday.

Jags RB Leonard Fournette has a hamstring injury and is free on Sunday: “I started working today (he did not practice). That’s good. This is progress. We’ll wait and see. This is the decision on the time of the game … with time I became more and more like my chance. “

– Jeff Darlington (@JeffDarlington), September 13, 2018
He had a problem with the hamstring, and James clearly did not want this problem to be awkward, so they might have to sit down and wait for the Titans in the third week, and then return it. Given their importance in the AFC playoffs, they certainly have a chance to win this special game, but Fournette has too much time for Jaguar to hurry. If it is ready, they must allow it to adjust, but if it is not, they should not force it simply because the opponent of this week is the favorite of the AFC.

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Although it seems that Jags do not have the main problem with Fournette, it is not. Starting player T.J. Yelden and Jacksonville are not the same forces – speed – athletic ability, but it’s 6 feet 1 inch tall, weighs 223 pounds, and it’s good enough to catch the ball from the back wall. He played 14 times with 51 yards in a game against the Giants last week, but his breach reached 4 yards in his career, and he has at least three of his NFL seasons. He caught 30 passes. Obviously, he is not Fournett, but he has the ability.

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Regardless of whether or not Furnnett comes out, it seems likely that an additional pass will return to Cory Grant. Earlier this week, offensive coordinator Jaguar Nathaniel Hackett mentioned that he wanted Grant to be more involved in this crime, and that Jacksonville had relatively few players around the perimeter, which makes sense. Grant was an important factor in the early start of the Jags in the AFC Championship. He missed 59 meters three times in the first half, two of which extended the pass, which ended with a touchdown. He’s not a complete guardian, but he’s embarrassed in outer space. When you think that New England’s defense takes 22nd place in DVOA in a counter-attack last season, you will start to think more often this week. Mixing with it has some advantages. Specific.

If Fournette sits down, most of the passing infrastructure that helped Jaguar take the lead in last year’s AFC championship will not be in the rematch. Allen Hurns (six catches, 80 yards) is in Dallas. Marqise Lee (6 catches, 41 yards) was out of the ACL this year. Markels Lewis is in the packers. Bowling Kilan Cole and Dede Westbrook, now two people in Blake Bortles